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With real-time data tracking, you’ll always have a clear picture of your project's performance. Outbuild provides invaluable insights, helping you identify trends and areas for improvement, so you can optimize your project with data-driven decisions.

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Computer at the job site using Outbuild's construction scheduling and planning software

Percent Plan Complete (PPC)

With PPC data at your fingertips you will be able to track commitment in a very precise way and help showcase how your team and trades are performing every week.

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Outbuild's percent plan completed chart
Outbuild's percent roadblock removed chart

Percent Roadblock Removed (PRR)

With the PRR key indicator you will be able to track your team’s effectiveness at removing constraints or roadblocks.

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See how your project is performing in the long run. You can compare your base plan with the projected finish and the actual progress being tracked on the project.

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Outbuild's s-curve chart
Outbuild's reason for variance chart

Reasons for variance

See in a very illustrative way what's going on with the performance of your team.

What are your main categories of variance? How are RFI's, inspections, or change orders impacting your planning?

This and more can be tracked to show what is preventing your weekly work plan from being completed on time.

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From billion-dollar companies to smaller family-owned businesses. They all believe that construction deserves a better scheduling and planning tool.

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