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Pull Planning meeting using Outbuild at KBD job site

Weekly work plan built for construction

The weekly work plan is a crucial component of Outbuild's workflow because it is a tool that outlines the specific tasks that will be completed during the upcoming week.

It is used to ensure that all necessary resources are in place and that all parties involved are aware of their responsibilities.

Outbuild's weekly work plan for construction
construction weekly work plan commitment

Weekly work plan commitment

With one click, you can commit to completing the tasks outlined in the next seven days from your Lookahead Module, effectively creating a proper weekly work plan for your team.

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Track variance

The weekly work plan module allows you to add Reasons for Variance, whether it be a material delay, equipment failure, or any other reason that might affect your project work plan.

You will then be able to track them in the Analytics Module in an effort to achieve continuous improvements on your project.

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Reason for Variance feature

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