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Create your Master Schedule with Outbuild and push it to Procore with one click. Sounds easy? It is.

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Outbuild embedded into Procore

We partner with Procore, giving you everything you need all in one place.

You don't have to switch back and forth, use Outbuild embedded into Procore today.

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Outbuild embedded into Procore
Outbuild's schedule view showing submittals

Connect submittals in Procore to your schedule in Outbuild.

Visualize all of your open submittals directly in your schedule and get notified if you miss a scheduled approval date.

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Use RFI's from Procore

Procore RFI’s automatically populate in Outbuild’s Constraints Log. Lookahead tasks are then connected to any and all tasks impacted by an RFI. It’s not magic, it’s better process.

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Closing an RFI in Procore
Two-way sync with Procore

Two-way sync with Procore

Closing an RFI in Procore automatically removes the constraints in Outbuild, keeping your Lookaheads up to speed and dodging double entry data.

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What our customers are saying.

From billion-dollar companies to smaller family-owned businesses. They all believe that construction deserves a better scheduling and planning tool.

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  • Build a project schedule in Procore

  • One-click schedule update

  • RFIs tied to your Lookahead

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