Procore Integration

Your schedule in Procore
always updated

Make changes in your Master Schedule within ProPlanner
and push that schedule to Procore, with a simple click.

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You don't have to switch back and forth, use ProPlanner embedded into Procore today.

ProPlanner integration with Procore it is a full embedded experience

Use RFI's from Procore

If you create an RFI in Procore it automatically comes into ProPlanner's Constraints Log. From there, you can connect it to any/all Lookahead tasks that will be impacted by that RFI.

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RFI in Procore it automatically comes into ProPlanner's Constraints Log
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Two-way sync with Procore

If you close an RFI in Procore, it will automatically remove the constraint in ProPlanner, keeping your Lookahead always up to date, avoiding unnecessary data double entries.

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What our customers are saying

From billion-dollar companies to smaller family-owned business. They all believe that construction deserves a better scheduling and planning tool

Joanne Kulbacki
quoting review

Great tool to be able to keep our project schedule and lookaheads in the same platform instead of using 2-3 different solutions.

Joanne Kulbacki

Sr Project Manager

Jason Larkins

In my thirty years in the construction industry, this is the most intuitive scheduling platform that we have ever used at our company.

Jason Larkins

VP of Construction

Jason Larkins

ProPlanner isn’t just a scheduling software, it’s a support team. We thought implementation would be challenging, but thanks to their guidance, it’s now gaining traction.

John Doggett


Jason Larkins

It has changed the way that our team manages our project schedule. We are able to track deviations easily while keeping our trade partners informed and on track.

Jordan Yavari



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