Construction scheduling software that simplifies

Schedules, Lookaheads and weekly plans, all connected in a simple to learn and extremely easy to use platform.

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Master schedule module

Construction scheduling software made simple
and intuitive

Outbuild's user-friendly interface encourages all participants to be involve in the same conversation. Improving communication and collaboration.

Create schedules in minutes

Creating activities is just one click away. Our product was designed with ease top of mind.

Lookaheads directly from schedules

You no longer need multiple systems. Bring all your activities directly into a single lookahead.

Clean exportables

Your OAC meetings with a living breathing schedule that's up to date with what is happening in the field.

Level of permissions

Control what people can see and what they can interact with for the most efficient communication.

With Outbuild you can integrate your master schedule with Procore in one click

Procore Integration

With Outbuild, you have the capability to integrate your Master Schedule with Procore by sending the latest version of your construction schedule from Outbuild to Procore with a click of a button.

‍Your subcontractors and your trade partners can view the latest version of your construction project schedule as quickly and frequently as you want to publish it.

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Multiple construction schedules in one project

The Stages feature allows you to create multiple schedules under one project.

If your project will go through some challenges, you can run a few what-if scenarios to identify potential improvements and mapping out what the end date would be without affecting your current live schedule.

Stages can also be used to create a high-level construction schedule specifically for owners or other stakeholders, all within the same project.

Multiple construction schedules in one project
Construction scheduling tool you can customize

Construction scheduling tool you can customize

You will be able to customize your Schedule view in the columns with companies, tags, responsible, costs and more.

You can color-code them yourself by company or by WBS to have a much more visual understanding.

Within our software for construction scheduling, you can also organize, sort and filter data in order to deliver the activities that you want to those that need to see them the most.

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Control unexpected scheduling changes

Our Modification Request feature helps Schedule Administrators track and make live decisions about unexpected changes during planning sessions. It allows the field crew at the lookahead level to communicate directly with those managing the master schedule.

Information on who sent the request, their timing needs, and scheduling impact are included in a log where administrators can easily approve or deny requests without emails, calls, or jobsite visits.

Control unexpected scheduling changes
Outbuild allow you to Import from MS Project or Primavera 6

Import from MS Project or Primavera 6

No need to start from scratch if you don't want to. In less than a minute, bring your existing schedule from MS Project or Primavera 6 into Outbuild.

All your logic, all of your columns and information will remain, allowing you to start working in our construction scheduling tool, which is a much easier platform to use than your original legacy programs.

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What our customers are saying.

From billion-dollar companies to smaller family-owned businesses. They all believe that construction deserves a better scheduling and planning tool.

“Outbuild isn’t just a scheduling software, it’s a support team. We thought implementation would be challenging, but thanks to their guidance, it’s now gaining traction.”

John Doggett
Director of continuous improvement, Landmark

“Outbuild makes it extremely easy for us. Unlimited users with access for everyone to the info they need at all times”

Matt Redman
Director of Technical Operations, Del Amo Construction

“In my thirty years in the construction industry, this is the most intuitive scheduling platform that we have ever used at our company.”

Jason Larkins
VP of construction, Orion

“It has changed the way that our team manages our project schedule. We are able to track deviations easily while keeping our trade partners informed and on track.”

Jordan Yavari
Project Manager, Arco Murray

“Great tool to be able to keep our project schedule and lookaheads in the same platform instead of using 2-3 different solutions.”

Joanne Kullbacki
Sr project manager, Granger

“I love the roadblock functionality because it’s tied directly to Procore RFIs!”

William Gallion
Project Engineer, Skender

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