Construction planning software for the field

Time to replace your Excel template that you use to build out your Lookahead with a construction planning software where everything is connected and in real-time.

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Mike from Customer Success presenting Outbuild construction scheduling software at the job site of KBD Group
Lookahead module

Break down your master schedule

Now your Lookahead is connected to your master schedule but lives in a separate place. We have built a powerful construction planning tool that can take your current schedule detail and apply it at the right time in the right place so that project teams can be more effective builders.

Team collaboration & accountability

Give multiple users access to the planning process without affecting your master schedule.

Easily drag and drop tasks

Once you start adding detailed tasks, it's very easy for you to drag and drop those tasks to build the right sequences with your trade partners.

Commit your planning session

Ready to move forward after your Planning Session? Your Weekly Work Plan is ready with one click.

Daily progress updates

Tasks at the lookahead level will automatically roll up to the activities of your master schedule as you update them.

Stop needless update meetings, avoid double data entry for your team and have your schedule updated at all times.

Tasks at the lookahead level will automatically roll up to the activities of your master schedule
push activities from the master schedule to your lookahead

Lookaheads on your terms

Our construction planning software allows you to seamlessly push activities from the master schedule to your Lookahead giving you the ability to decide how far ahead you want to look, and what team members you want to involve along the way.

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Customizable construction planning software

Same as the schedule module, construction planning is done on your terms. Customize your column views by crew size, companies, tags, assignees, constraints, and more. You can also color-code activity tags or companies for easy visuals to use during your pull planning sessions.

Outbuild's customizable construction planning software

Constraints automatically integrated with Procore

Easily create constraints that will be shown on your lookahead for everyone in your team to see.

All the constraints are listed in a clean log which gives visibility on what is holding up work or has the potential to hold up work in upcoming tasks.

Every time a team member creates an RFI in Procore, it is automatically tracked in Outbuild and can be used as a constraint for one or more tasks.

Outbuild's constraints automatically integrated with Procore
Schedule updates and unexpected changes solved with Outbuild's Modification Request feature

Schedule updates and unexpected changes

The Modification Request feature allows superintendents and the field teams to communicate from the Lookahead level all the way up to the Master Schedule level.

This will allow for seamless communication regarding possible delays between the field and the executive team, creating a collaborative environment with real time feedback on your schedule.

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What our customers are saying.

From billion-dollar companies to smaller family-owned businesses. They all believe that construction deserves a better scheduling and planning tool.

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