Enable project teams to manage schedules and lookaheads in the same software


McAlvain created the objective of training project teams to work and communicate together in the same software to ensure the best and most timely communication of critical schedule related information and to help projects stay on track at all times.


McAlvain identified that their project teams managing schedules using separate, disconnected methods was leading to communication gaps and unnecessary risk on projects.

After implementing Procore company-wide, the need to get everyone working in the same system only grew larger

Where it hurts

  • Creating look ahead schedules from scratch is an inefficient use of team members' time if it can be avoided.
  • Without real-time communication of potential schedule roadblocks, delays are more probable.
  • Showing up to owner's meetings with inaccurate schedules leads to a poor client experience.


McAlvain standardized Procore for project management and Outbuild for scheduling and look ahead planning. Because Outbuild can be used as an embedded application inside of Procore, project team members now have one powerful, yet easy-to-use scheduling and project management software solution.

The integration of master schedule to lookahead is a game changer. Our teams have been struggling to communicate between the different levels of planning and excel to P6 processes just don’t work. In my past life I always made a weekly schedule to try and drive commitments in the field. Having that as an added feature in Outbuild really holds our teams accountable to weekly activities. Getting all team members involved in the planning/scheduling process has also been huge with huge upside potential. P6 scares people, we don’t fully use all the features, and we don’t capitalize on all the knowledge out in the field to make the best decisions. Outbuild allows us to do that finally.

Dave Winthrop
Master Scheduler
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