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SAN FRANCISCO — Today, ProPlanner announces the exciting rebranding of its construction scheduling platform to Outbuild. With the new name and identity comes a renewed mission to make life easier for those working on construction job sites around the world. Outbuild will continue to provide meaningful connections between scheduling and planning by making it easier for users to manage their projects on-site and remotely. With a continued focus on user experience, Outbuild provides an intuitive platform that simplifies the scheduling process and connects scheduling to field planning, which provides seamless collaboration between project managers, superintendents, and trade partners. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve project planning and task management, Outbuild is redefining how construction businesses manage their job sites.  

More from Outbuild CEO and Founder Franco Giaquinto:  

Ever since I started this company, my dream was always to build a long-lasting legacy in the construction industry and to deliver game-changing products.  

I created this company in Latam a few years back, trying to help the construction industry elevate their standards and be more efficient by leveraging technology.  We were -by many standards- one of the first venture-backed contech startups in all of Latin America, and even though the market was so challenging back then, we went against the waves, trying to disrupt how companies were working and get them to trust in new software and make them a part of the development process from day one.  

We struggled too much in the early days, especially in a country like Chile, where construction companies were almost anti-innovation. We struggled a lot with older people on job sites being reluctant to try new things, with lack of decent wi-fi on project trailers, with non-existing tech budgets, and even with people that saw us building something exciting and bought our product just to copy everything we were doing.

After the pandemic hit the world, our company, now with hundreds of projects using our software in 8 countries in Latin America, was struggling with staying afloat because projects were paused and no one wanted to pay for software they weren’t using. So our revenue dipped and we needed to take action and make bold decisions.

We decided our mission was big and important enough to give it another stab, so we decided to bring our company to the big and overwhelming US market. This decision was driven by several factors: the size of the market, the technology adoption by construction companies, the amount of venture capital flowing and the construction talent migrating to the tech world thanks to companies like Procore, Plangrid and Fieldwire (among others). Even the fact that construction companies were willing to pay for software with credit cards was such a game-changer, that it made sense to make that huge leap and move the company to an entirely different and new market.  

The plan was to rebuild our software in order to adapt it to the needs of GCs in the US market and focus on what we were truly good at and can actually be that game-changer in this competitive market. We decided to rebuild our product ProPlanner and focus only on being the best scheduling and planning software in the world. We shaved every other module from our software, to focus on the biggest values, the schedule and the lookahead.  

We had all sorts of challenges, like building a new network again from zero, building a new product in a timeframe that allows us to make money and keep our 15-people team through this tough quarantine the world was going through, and even changing our main language to English, not only on the product but also on our internal meetings and pretty much everything we were doing. We got english lessons for everyone in our team.   

It worked. We relaunched our product, piloted it with big companies that wanted to test it, landed an amazing partnership with Haskell and eventually started to build our US team in the second half of 2021.    Fast forward to today, and we are a 30+ people team with 130+ customers and more than 700 projects running in ProPlanner, all while building the best scheduling and planning product in the market.   

Now that we have a growing business, with a game-changing product and a group of talented and ambitious people, it made sense to rebuild our company identity and relaunch our brand. Even though ProPlanner was very descriptive of what we do, and we also had grown lots of passion and love for the brand, we decided it was time to stir the pot once again and recreate our company’s brand identity in order to reflect everything we have become.  

We have been working on this for months, and we couldn’t be more excited and proud of announcing our new name and brand: OUTBUILD (meaning: to exceed in building)  

It reflects our passion for this industry, our mission to bring game-changing software to job sites and our vision of becoming the industry’s standard for scheduling and planning and empowering jobsite teams. We want to support our customers and future customers with tools that help them plan better, coordinate more effectively with their trade partners, avoid rework and ultimately finish their projects the right way, avoiding claims/disputes processes and having happy clients.

We want to support general contractors all over the world to outbuild their expectations, outperform their past projects, outplan and outbid their competitors and achieve outstanding outcomes.   

With much love,  
Franco Giaquinto CEO & Founder of Outbuild  

Lee Evans
Franco Giaquinto
CEO & Founder of Outbuild
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